The American Board of Lower Extremity Surgery (ABLES) is a fair and rigorous board for DPMs, MDs, and DOs to achieve board certification in Surgical and Conservative treatment of the foot and ankle.

about ables

ABLES is a multi-disciplinary, Autonomous certification board recognized nationally for its integrity in the performance-based certification of physicians in the surgical and non-surgical treatment and care of the foot and ankle. The board was established greater than 50 years ago and offers certifications in Foot Surgery, Reconstructive Rearfoot and Ankle Surgery, and basic primary medical certifications for some of its older members (the board will not be certifying non-surgical Podiatrists and Foot specialists after January 2022).

Note to Authorizing Entities/Hospitals/Credentialing agencies: Our board members are vetted by the board. All certificates from medical schools, residencies, state licensing boards and agencies, and pharmaceutical licensing boards are investigated and confirmed by the American Board of Lower Extremity Surgery prior to the testing and certification of our Diplomates. Our testing is secure and proctored even though each Diplomate is testing based on his/her own body of work.


You have already made it through the rigors of medical school and licensure. You have proven your ability to gain knowledge and to take tests. Now it is time for you to be evaluated based on your performance and application of that knowledge.

With ABLES, there is an examination process, but it may be different from similar boards. The board will give a preliminary written examination for NEW APPLICANTS. But there will not be a continuing examination process each quarter as in some other cases. Who has time for that? And have we not already passed our tests?

With ABLES you are judged on your own cases and your own body of work in the areas of Foot and Ankle surgery. There is an oral examination after you pass your preliminary exam, and there is a recertification every 5 years, also based solely on your body of work.

We certify legitimate physicians. You will have to submit proof of your completion of a 2-3 year surgical residency program, your state licensure, your DEA and state pharmacy licenses, and will have to submit cases per the requirements for each type of certification. And in the end, you will be certified based on your performance and your proof of application of the knowledge that you have gained through your medical school, residency, and fellowship training.