Qualifying for Certification

Physicians applying for qualification through ABLES must have met certain criteria in order to apply.


You must have earned the degree of DPM, DO, or MD, awarded by an institution accredited within the United States or its territories. If your degree was granted by an institution outside of the United States, you may request consideration for admission to ABLES with sufficient documentation. Such requests may be granted or denied by the Board of Directors at their sole discretion.

Post-Doctoral Training

You must have completed an ACCREDITED and RECOGNIZED residency in Podiatry, Foot Surgery, or Orthopedics with a concentration in Foot and Ankle Surgery in order to apply for certification through ABLES.

If you graduated from professional school after 1991, appropriate documentation of your training and possible discussion with hospital staff and residency directors might be had in order to approve your credentials.  You must have completed three or more years of residency training and/or fellowship training in order to qualify.  You may petition for waiver of this requirement if you have equivalent experience and/or training, but this will be at the board’s discretion.

Download Petition for Waiver

Professional License

You must be licensed to practice as a DPM, DO, or MD for the full scope of practice with no restrictions on your license. You must not be under indictment for any felony, under any current orders of discipline, restriction, suspension, supervision, or probation, or undergoing rehabilitation as an “impaired physician” because of habituation.  You must also be up-to-date with your child support, alimony and any other restrictions set by a legal court.

Controlled Substance Licenses

You must hold currently valid FDA license.  A current State Pharmacy license is also necessary (if required by your state to obtain one).