Initial Certification Submission

  • 75 cases for Lower Extremity Medicine or for Lower Extremity Medicine and Surgery certification
  • 105 cases for Lower Extremity Medicine and Comprehensive Surgery, including Rearfoot and Reconstructive Surgery certification, with at least one-third of the cases being specific to rearfoot/ankle treatment.
      1. Proof of graduation from a recognized medical school within the United States or its territories (You must provide a valid diploma-we perform proper vetting and background checks for each candidate.)
      2. Copies of your current and valid state Podiatry or Medical license(s) to practice in your current state
      3. Copies of your current and valid DEA license to prescribe medication in the United States AND your current State Pharmacy License (if applicable-We understand certain states do not require a State Pharmacy license to practice medicine)
      4. Proof of a 3-4 year residency training (please provide copies of residency certificates)
    1. A check payable to ABLES for the initial application fee ($1600), as detailed in our Fees section.

Case Submissions

(after initial packet is complete and approved)

For each of the cases we have chosen for your examination, you will be required to submit the following supporting documents:

  1. Pre-operative Patient History and Physical as it relates to this procedure
  2. Pre-operative X-rays if applicable (On a flash drive (preferred) or a CD)
  3. Rationale for Surgery
  4. Lab results and pathology if applicable
  5. Operative Report
  6. Post-operative X-rays if applicable
  7. Progress Notes
  8. Pathology Report if applicable*
  9. Hospital Face Sheet
  10. Discharge summary/Progress notes showing Outcome of the surgery