• Application Fee: A check payable to ABLES for your recertification fee ($500) (see Fees section.) Please note that you must be a Diplomate in good standing with your annual dues payments up to date to apply for recertification. If your certification has lapsed, you may be required to start the certification process from the beginning. 
  • A copy of your current state license(s) to practice medicine or Podiatry 
  • A copy of your current DEA license to prescribe medication and State Pharmacy License, if required by your state 
  • Recertification Case Submission Form. ABLE-Recertfication Case Sumbission Form
  • You must meet the following case requirements over the past 5 years: 
  • 75 cases for Lower Extremity Medicine or for Lower Extremity Medicine and Surgery certification
  • 105 cases for Lower Extremity Medicine and Comprehensive Surgery, including Rearfoot and Reconstructive Surgery certification, with at least one-third of the cases being specific to rearfoot/ankle treatment. 
  • You must NOT have any criminal indictment for any felony, under any current orders of discipline, restriction, suspension, supervision, or probation, or undergoing rehabilitation as an “impaired physician” because of habituation.  You must not be behind in child support or alimony. 

Case Submissions

(after initial packet is complete and approved)

For each of the cases we have chosen for your examination, you will be required to submit the following supporting documents:
  1. Pre-operative Patient History and Physical as it relates to this procedure
  2. Pre-operative X-rays if applicable (On a flash drive (preferred) or a CD)
  3. Rationale for Surgery
  4. Lab results and pathology if applicable
  5. Operative Report
  6. Post-operative X-rays if applicable
  7. Progress Notes
  8. Pathology Report if applicable*
  9. Hospital Face Sheet
  10. Discharge summary/Progress notes showing Outcome of the surgery