Recertification Package

ABLES requires recertification every five years. To recertify, you will need to submit a recertification package consisting of:

  • Your recertification application. Please complete your recertification application on-line, save it, and then print it out and sign and date with original signature. If you need help in completing the form while on-line, please call us.

Download ABLES Recertification Form

  • A check payable to ABLES for your recertification fee, which includes case review and the Grand Rounds examination and is detailed in our Fees section. Please note that you must be a Diplomate in good standing with your annual dues payments up to date to apply for recertification.
  • A copy of your current state license(s) to practice
  • A copy of your current DEA license to prescribe
  • Your Recertification Case Submission Form. Please complete the form on-line, save it, and then print it out and sign and date with original signature. Please see our Recertification Case Submission and Documentation section for a link to the form.
  • Studies of cases done since your last certification and accompanying documentation. Requirements for number of cases to be submitted and outlines for documentation submission are outlined in our Recertification Case Submission and Documentation section.

Please mail your recertification package to the address on our home page. If you chose to use FedEx, UPS, or another shipping service, please contact us for an alternative address. Call us if you’d like our assistance in determining the best and most cost-effective method of shipping, and please make a copy of your recertification package for your files before you send it.

Recertification Timeline

Your recertification package should be received at ABLES at least 60 days before your current certificate expires. For reasonable cause, you may be granted one extension only of up to 90 days at the sole discretion of the Board of Directors or Executive Director.

If we receive your recertification application after your certification has expired, it will be deemed invalid. If your certification has lapsed, you may petition for reinstatement. Please call us at for more information about reinstatement.

Recertification Case Submission and Documentation

As part of the recertification process, we will ask you to use our Recertification Case Submission Form to submit cases representative of your work over the five years since your certification or most recent recertification, and to send accompanying documentation.

  • For Medicine recertificationyou will need to submit 10 cases. The only specific requirement is that you include cases that demonstrate a variety of procedures in addition to routine procedures such as bunions. It is not acceptable to submit more than one case covering the same medical issue.
  • For Medicine and Surgery recertification, you will need to submit 10 cases. In addition to the above requirement, your case mix should be roughly half osseous and half soft tissue, but again, it is important that the cases are representative of the work you have performed during the preceding five years.
  • For Medicine and Comprehensive Surgery, including Rearfoot and Reconstructive Surgery recertification, you will need to submit 15 cases. In addition to the above requirements, 10 of your cases must be directly related to the Rearfoot and Reconstructive discipline, with a maximum of five trauma cases. If you have not certified in Rearfoot and Reconstructive before, please contact our office for further details on additional requirements.

Download Recertification Case Submission Form

For each case, you will need to submit a Recertification Case Study and the following documentation:

  • Notes from your records indicating presentation details, history, rationale for the chosen procedure, etc. Photocopies of your notes are acceptable.
  • Copies of pathology reports, consults etc.
  • Pre-operative and post-operative X-rays, if applicable. Photocopies of X-rays are not acceptable. You may send us film or use digital media. If you chose the latter, you may send a CD or DVD for each patient. You may also combine all files onto a single inexpensive USB stick using filenames that indicate what the file contains and which patient it belongs to. For example, if case number 5 is Mrs. Tina Jones and the X-ray is pre-op, use a file name like Case5_Jones_Pre.jpg, so the examiner will know immediately which X-ray belongs to which case.

Download Recertification Case Study Form

Please insert the documentation for each case into a separate large envelope and write the case number and patient name on the envelope. Please do not fold forms, and please seal all envelopes.

Return of Documentation

ABLES is HIPAA compliant, and patient confidentiality is a priority for us in everything we do. Therefore, after your examination is complete, we will destroy all documents and digital media. If you wish to have your documentation returned, please let us know before you send your submission to us and include information of where you want to have it returned. The fee for return of your documentation is detailed in our Fees section.

Grand Rounds Exam

Upon successful completion of the case review, the examiner will select two to four cases of the cases submitted for full review. These cases will form the basis for the Grand Rounds examination. We will work with you to schedule the examination by telephone or direct appearance.

If you fail the Grand Rounds examination, you may retake it twice for an additional fee.

Credentials Verification

When you have successfully completed the Grand Rounds exam, ABLES will again conduct primary source verification of your credentials. We will verify your professional and drug licenses, including disciplinary actions that may have been taken since your initial certification or most recent recertification.


When you have successfully completed the recertification and verification processes, we will issue you a new certificate that will expire five years computed from the date that your certificate last expired.